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Girls Of The SEC Playboy Model Margaret & Bama Boy AJ McCarron At The Bar [Morning Twitpics]

How ironic that AJ McCarron Saturday night just happens to run into a Girls of the SEC Playboy model at a Tuscaloosa bar. So random. Margaret got naked for Playboy while representing Ole Miss. Here are SFW modeling shots. Here are her Facebook modeling pics.

Why Miss Ole Miss was partying in Tuscaloosa is not clear. Also, we’re still efforting news on if McCarron signed Margaret’s boobs.

As for your NY Post covers, ever wanted to see Belichick’s head on a turkey?

The ESPN intern fraternity has been pretty quiet over the last five days or so. However, it seems someone on the Twitter team will be reprimanded for this (via Patrick M.).

And, finally, here’s the best costume spotted at Bears-49ers. Kinda suggest not starting shit with a guy who has a bear on his head.


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