Shirtless Guy Wearing Boston Bruins Hockey Mask Robs Keene State Student Of Sweatshirt [Cuff ‘Em]


“What are you in jail for?”

“Armed robbery. Put a handgun to a punk for his sweatshirt.”

That’s the charge Keene State student Justin Robinson faces, but the kicker is what he was wearing while looking for someone to rob of their sweatshirt. This is where things get fun, according to the Boston Globe.

Police arrested a gunman who was wearing an old-style Boston Bruins goalie’s mask on Saturday afternoon when he allegedly robbed a Keene State College student shortly ­after midnight, prompting the campus to go on lock-down for five hours.

Authorities said the incident began just after 1 a.m. when a fight broke out at an off-campus house on Winchester Street and Robinson pulled out a black handgun.

He then fled on to the Keene State campus, wearing blue jeans, no shirt, and the hockey mask. He stopped a student who was walking with several friends and allegedly robbed the student of a sweatshirt.

We think this is Justin’s Facebook account. There’s no sign of a link to his Bruins fandome.

[Gunman prompts N.H. campus lock-down]



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