Christian Ponder Sacrifices Bye Week To Follow Samantha Steele From Coast To Coast

How dedicated is Christian Ponder to his developing relationship with ESPN sideline reporter Samantha Steele? He’s been traveling around the country with her while she handles work duty as ESPN’s eye candy while enjoying his bye week. If we know anything about NFLers dating sideline reporters, when the NFLer gives up his week to travel the U.S., things are progressing nicely.

As you can see, above, Ponder was hiding under the UVA hat on the sidelines Thursday night for the Virginia-North Carolina game.

Once that game was over, Steele was on her way to Eugene for duties today on GameDay. And there was Ponder, spotted hiding under a hooded sweatshirt, according to the Oregon social media Twitter account @QuackCave.

Meanwhile, on Ponder’s Twitter account he just keeps tweeting Bible verses.

Run with it, Minneapolis-St. Paul media.

Wait, Christian Ponder’s Girlfriend Is ESPN’s Samantha Steele?