Johnny Football Destroying Hurricane Harry’s Bar On Wednesday Night While In Heisman Race


Imagine how boring Collin Klein’s Wednesday night must have been. He came home from watching game film, ate a nice wholesome dinner straight from the food pyramid with his wife and retired to the living room to read the Bible. Meanwhile, your cult hero of 2012, Johnny Football, was about to hit Hurricane Harry’s for a bar night and some live country music.

It’s like Manziel, 19, was dropped off by the Gods of the 1980s in college football. Some of you remember the football players of that era. They raised hell through the week, showed up to class enough to get by and kicked a little ass on Saturday. Then the politically correct and Bible-thumping QBs – think Ken Dorsey – came along in the 2000s and ruined the party.

The party is officially back on in College Station. Manziel is even announcing for the ladies and jock sniffers where he’ll be partying, according to our Twitter researchers. Like Johnny Football would miss Austin-based country singer Kyle Park at Harry’s.

Notice the time on these messages. Johnny Football doesn’t do 8 p.m. The ladies of Texas A&M can’t believe what is happening to them. A f***ing Heisman contender is at the bar on a Wednesday? That never happened during the Ryan Tannehill era.

As we’ve said, Manziel is the Texan version of Gronk. This is only going to get better by the day.





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