Bills Fans Fighting Bills Fans Last Night At Ralph Wilson [VIDEO]


What did we learn about Buffalo Bills fans when it comes to playing on national TV at 8:30 on a Thursday night? They’re going to get stupid drunk, wear Zubaz, light cars on fire, die in a creek and fight each other.

And you wonder why, besides sucking for 15 years, the team can’t get a game on primetime TV. The less drinking time for these idiots, the better off they’ll be.

Look at the action that starts at the 2:20 mark. A Bills douchebag gets tagged by Fred Jackson douchebag and the melee is on. Notice all the Zubaz. Notice how many references of “dude” are dropped. Notice the P.A. announcer telling fans to watch their behavior. Notice how the drunk’s respond.

It’s not that we’re complaining. Bills fans are great content providers. Of course we don’t want to see anyone die, but when these douchebags start drinking at 2, this is bound to happen.

[HT: SportsGrid]


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