Bama ‘Underwear’ Pharmacy Robber Gets 25 Years In Jail – ROLL TIDE! [Cuff ‘Em]


Joseph Daniel Flowers will be watching Bama bowl games in jail for a very long time. The 58-year-old was sentenced yesterday to 25 years in jail for his 2010 robbery of a pharmacy.

Flowers gained acclaim across the south as the ‘Underwear Robber’ because he held up the Molino, Florida pharmacy while wearing a bathrobe, slippers, yellow kitchen gloves and underwear on his head.

According to

During the course of the robbery, Flowers took more than 80 prescription bottles containing thousands of dollars worth of narcotics. After he exited the pharmacy, he ran behind the building where he was picked up by co-defendant Krystal Lynn Collin.

Witnesses inside the store were able to identify Flowers based on the fact that he was a frequent customer of the pharmacy.

Between Harvey Updyke, The Teabagger, The Underwear Robber and the Mother-Daughter Burglars, it has been a helluva two-year run in the crime department.

Roll Tide, indeed.

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