13 Best ’80s & ’90s Wrestling Must-Haves On eBay For Under $20


The 1980’s and 1990’s were glorious times to be wrestling fans. The in-ring product was at its peak and the talent left everything in the ring, week in and week out. Also at its peak in the 80’s and 90’s were wrestling toys and merchandise. The action figures were hilarious and awesome. The merchandise was as incredible as it was ridiculous, and the best part was they released new stuff on what seemed like a weekly basis.

What kid didn’t want to own a King Kong Bundy ruthless aggression style toy ($11.99 on eBay). Or what about the Junkyard Dog & Iron Sheik thumb wrestlers. Those will run you $100.

But that’s way more than you want to spend.

So BC went digging on eBay and found some of the best vintage WWF/WCW items that the site has to offer. The kicker? Each item comes at or below $20, making them all incredibly affordable.

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