Roger Clemens Giving Me A Swag Erection: Rocket’s Swag Invades Vegas!


Just 24 hours after we showed Roger Clemens in a “Don’t Sweat My Swag” shirt, BC learned that 50-year-old King Swag was in Vegas this week doing what he wants, when he wants. Specifically, we noticed the Rocket was swagging the f**k out with his iPhone clipped to his belt.

That’s Rocket with his old buddy Toby Keith at Keith’s bar. According to Toby’s Twitter account, the buds belted out a few tunes and Roger went hard on the swag.

Visor: check

Ridiculous souvenir shirt: check

Tucked in ridiculous souvenir shirt: check

Frosted tips: we’re detecting them

Swagged the f**k out is this Clemens cat. But this isn’t the only great King Swag photo from Vegas. The Las Vegas Sun caught Rocket, Sunday, at the Reggie Jackson’s 8th All-Star Celebrity Classic. Please notice where the phone is residing.

Besides singing with Toby and hanging with other sports celebrities, King Swag also took in some Guns ‘n Roses. That’s like the ultimate swagged the f**k out week in Vegas, right?

Did you party with Rocket in Vegas? Ladies, did you keep company with Rocket during his visit? Did you hear Rocket sing at Toby Keith’s? Tell us about it.

At least the guy is consistent.

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