Is Dolphins Uzi Tattoo Worse Than Undefeated, Unforgotten Dolphins Tat?

There was tons of hype this week about the Dolphins bro on the left. He got some serious face-time on CBS during the Dolphins blowout and has been an internet sensation ever since. The guy is just a treasure. We called him out for having one of the worst sports tattoos ever and what does he do? Goes out and get his fat, sweaty gut kissed by some piece of ass at the bar. That kiss wasn’t even the most eye-opening thing about this photo. No…it was his buddy’s Miami Dolphins-Uzi tattoo.

And here we thought we had already seen the worst Miami Dolphins tattoo in history. The Uzi tattoo is just so Florida, so trashy and so…Florida.

The best part about these bros is the pride they have in their sh*tty tattoos. Just whipping them out anywhere and everywhere for the world to see.

The picture was tweeted out earlier in the week:

The bro who tweeted it got pretty pissed because, who else, Rovell snagged the picture without giving him any credit:

The biggest mystery of this whole story is involving the girl. Who is “annav22”? Why was she okay with kissing this behemoth’s stomach? Too many questions. If you know annav22 or anything about this situation let us know.

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