Clippers Center DeAndre Jordan Farts On Sweet Old Lady [VIDEO]


Ok, well he doesn’t exactly fart on an old lady, he just pretends to, but trust us when we say this will be the funniest video you watch all day. The whole gist of the hilarious video is that Clippers center DeAndre Jordan walks around Venice Beach and uses a fart machine. He fakes big, juicy farts in, around and on people who are minding their own business. An age old prank, one may say, but one that Jordan executes flawlessly.

Some of Jordan’s quotes make the video. Here are a few of the memorable ones:

We’re at Venice Beach Skate Park and I’m about to simply just fart on people.

That sh*t is like burning too, man.

Whenever I go to the bathroom, to do #2, I like to just…read.

The best quote came from one of the innocent bystanders:

Man, you got bubble guts, huh?

[h/t Deadspin]

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