Chris Bostrich Unleashes First Classic Bostrich Of ’12-13; ESPN Robs Jason Whitlock [Morning Twitpics]


How f-ing insufferable is the NBA in November? Winless (0-8) Detroit goes on the road and completely destroys 4-3 Philadelphia, 94-76. How bad was this game? The 76ers shot 29.8% from the field. That was the team’s lowest FG% at home since 1996.

Shame on you if you purchased the 25ยข 76ers tickets. Just watch at home and turn it off at half.

In baseball news, how did Sammy Sosa suddenly show up on the ESPN Mobile app?

via jackasscky34

As for your NY Post covers, that’s a solid 1-2 punch from the headline writers. “Knuck Yeah!” Are you kidding me, that’s genius. Dickey’s only the first knuckleballer to win a Cy Young. So historic.

And, finally, Jason Whitlock was robbed.

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