WATCH THIS: Bama Chick & “Larry” Don’t Handle A&M Loss Very Well [VIDEO]


Kudos to CBS-42 Birmingham for training a camera on this Bama hussy & “Larry” during Saturday’s game against A&M. Watch as Becky, as we’ll call her, and Larry handle A&M jumping out to a 20-0 lead on Saban’s boys. Watch as Larry holds court in those sweet jorts.

Next, imagine being married to Becky. Imagine listening to her ass ride you constantly about taking the trash out. Imagine her wanting to have sex after a big Bama win. Imagine Becky forearm(ing) you from behind when she wants to have sex after a Bama win.

Imagine for a second that you actually wake up next to Becky. Imagine hearing that voice when you get home from a hard day at the factory.

Be thankful this Thanksgiving that Larry took one for the team and manned up with Becky. That’s a true American hero right there.

Roll Tide!

[via CBS-42 Birmingham]

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