Steelers Fan Has A Giant Middle Finger For This MNF Camera [Morning Twitpic]


So you want to gamble on NFL games, eh? You want to bet the favorites because there’s no way the Chiefs could stay close to the Steelers at home, right? A 16-13 Steelers win- in OT – later and your ass learned a valuable lesson about football gambling. It’ll haunt your soul.

It’ll make you drink. It’ll give you nightmares. It’ll make you middle finger an ESPN camera.

It’ll make you drink and drunk.

As for your morning NY Post, look at the creativity with the sports backpage. Genius work, boys.

And, finally, we pick on ESPN and the interns quite a bit. Sometimes readers think we are just nitpicking. Then this happens. How does this happen? Keep doing God’s work, interns. We love the content.

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