Knicks City Dancers VS. Brooklynettes: Which Is NYC’s Best NBA Dance Team? [PHOTOS]


Although the NBA season is still very young, two teams are making quite an impact in New York City. The Knicks City Dancers and the Brooklynettes are both bringing the heat in the first few weeks of NBA action, which brought up a debate at BC headquarters: What is NYC’s hottest NBA dance team?

The KCD have been the darlings of the city for years now, but the Brooklynettes have already made their presence felt. After a questionable off-season, they’ve bounced back and are looking better than ever. Take a look at some in-game action photos of the girls below and vote to help us settle the latest great NBA debate.

The lowdown:

  • Facebook “likes”: Knicks City Dancers– 16,979   |   Brooklynettes– 6,927
  • Look: Knicks City Dancers- Clean, classy, fresh   |   Brooklynettes- Gritty, rough, sexy
  • Team Captain: Knicks City Dancers- Sierra   |   Brooklynettes- Siobhan

Knicks City Dancers


[Photos via Brooklynettes Facebook & Knicks City Dancers Facebook]

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