Bears Fans Get Married In Truck Bed Outside Soldier Field [PHOTOS]

Bears fans Jay Gottfred and Kalli Jacobson got married Sunday night outside Soldier Field before the Texans game. The key to this wedding is that it actually took place in the bed of a pickup truck. It was a sweet moment that would bring a tear to an Alabama fan’s eye.

According to NBC Chicago:

Close to 100 people attended the ceremony before quickly getting back to their priorities — rooting for the Bears!

Yeah, seems like a small wedding. From looking at Kalli’s Facebook account, this couple seems pretty normal. It doesn’t seem like they’re weird fans that name their kids after NFL players. They just get married at a romantic spot like a Soldier Field parking lot.

Let’s just hope the marriage goes better than the Bears offense against the Texans. Nothing ruins a marriage like Jay Cutler going 7-of-14 with 2 INTs before getting his head cracked.



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