The Worst NFL Fan Tattoo – EVER?


The Dolphins looked like they were back on track. At 4-4 at the halfway point of the season, things were looking up. They won three out of four games rolling into a week ten match-up with the Titans, a game tons of Dolphins fans viewed as winnable. Boy were they wrong. Miami got stomped 37-3 by the Titans at home. Ryan Tannehill threw three interceptions and Reggie Bush was held to 21 yards rushing in what was a complete train-wreck of a game. 

Then it got even worse for Dolphins fans. CBS showed this ass-clown on TV with 1:55 left in the game. As if the people needed any more ammunition against Dolphins fans, they now have this guy. What’s scary about this photo is that the awful Dolphins tattoo isn’t even his worst one! That spiral thing on his left bicep is horrendous. Throw in the nipple rings, the jorts and the 80’s sunglasses and you have yourself Florida in a nutshell with this guy.

[h/t Bro Bible]

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