ESPN Fired An Intern: When Did Matthew Stafford Get Replaced By Peyton Manning? [Morning Twitpic]


That was a helluva efficient day from Peyton Manning, the quarterback of the Detroit Lions. No INTs? This guy is on a roll.

Anyway, the Broncos are 6-3 and should go 6-1 to finish the season. Yet to come on the schedule: Chiefs (twice) and Browns. More NFL tidbits: How many weeks until Andy Reid is fired? No way he gets through the end of the season. The Bears are the biggest frauds in the NFL. Just when you think his NFL career is pretty much over, Adrian Peterson leads the league in rushing yards.

As for the NY Post, you had to figure it would go nuts over the developments in the Petraeus case.

In other Petraeus news, it seems his chick was spending some time over the summer with Lance Armstrong.

[via Deadspin]

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