Bama Couple To Show SEC Championship IMMEDIATELY AFTER Wedding Ceremony


A friend of Busted Coverage in Alabama sent along this wedding invitation and wrote, “Looked normal for a wedding invite until I read the last line… SEC Championship Party and Reception to follow.” Wait, SEC what? Yes, the soon-to-be-married couple is from Alabama and December 1 is quite important to the locals.

A little investigation into the Megan Green & Johnathan Lowery wedding website tells us exactly what they mean by SEC Championship party.

“We interrupt this marriage for football season!” Please join us after the ceremony as we celebrate one of the South’s finest traditions…FOOTBALL! We will show the SEC Championship game on a projection screen for all to enjoy. Kick-off is at 3:00 pm (CST), and we will start it right after the ceremony!

Of course Bama and Georgia will kick at like 4:25 EST. If the pastor hammers out a 20-minute wedding, it looks like Bama fans will have a five-minute window to grab a Crown & Coke and belt out a few Roll Tides.

Leave it to SEC women to arrange a wedding around a kickoff.


[Wedding: Randy & Meg]

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