Mark Mangino Sighting At A Scheels Sporting Goods Store [Morning Twitpic]


Sweet Oaks and pencil ‘stache, Mangino.

It’s rare that a personality like that of Mark Mangino just disappears without at least a Twitpic or Twitter sighting here or there. We figured he would show up on some Fox Sports Oklahoma or something like that. It just hasn’t happened, which is surprising considering Mangino is only 56. The guy must have some serious eff-you money stashed away.

By the way, our hero was 3-1 in bowl games during his head coaching career.

[Mangino pic via @andrewrutberg]

Your morning NY Post perfectly addresses the David Petraeus affair with a 40-year-old who just happened to author his biography, “All In.”

In college football news, no GameDay signs post today with the crew on the deck of the USS SanDiego.

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