Josina Anderson Reporting On Charles Tillman From Cold Oklahoma Prairie? [Morning Twitpic]


Helluva backdrop, Josina. Did the camera guy just find the largest growth of Oklahoma tallgrass he could find and park the ESPN van?

Camera Guy: “Josina, quick, get your ass out of the van. Bristol wants a live shot about the stupid controversy on Tillman missing Sunday’s game because his wife might give birth.”

Josina: “But it’s cold, and I’m in my fleece coat that looks so odd on me.”

Camera Guy: “Throw on your slutty, ‘I like it dirty’ glasses and dudes won’t care about the dump fleece coat.”

And that’s how this live shot went down. Just Josina being Josina.

As for your NY Post covers, it was a slow night:

And, finally, how about this Georgia Bulldogs fan in his Georgia tights. SEC! SEC! (via @redblue36)


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