Holley Mangold Doing One-Handed Snatches After Wrist Surgery! [VIDEO]


You’ve probably been wondering what happened to Holley Mangold ever since the Olympics ended. We all know the story. She tore a tendon in her right wrist right before the Olympic games and had to get shot up with painkillers just to compete. The fact she competed and didn’t even finish in the bottom three is impressive, but this new video is flat out insane.

What could possibly be more impressive than lifting 529 lbs. with a torn tendon? Just watch.

Yeah, that’s Holley just snatching what appears to be roughly 125-135 lbs. with one hand. Yeah, she still has pins in her wrist. We’re assuming those are 45 lb. plates, and add on 35-45 lbs. from the bar and you have a jaw dropping feat.

Holley reported on her Facebook account:

One handed snatches … One day I will never do these again I Cant wait for that day.

Can’t believe how excited we are for the 2016 Summer Games already…Holley is a woman on a mission!

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