Woman Hits 15-Game Parlay At Red Rock In Vegas For $100,000!


And here we thought women didn’t know nearly enough about college and pro football to ever string together 15 winners on a parlay ticket.

According to Dave Tuley from @ViewFromVegas, a woman did just that this weekend with this ticket full of crazy winners. Tuley says the woman, understandably, wishes to remain anonymous.

The ticket would have been just another $5 hope and a prayer ended early if it wasn’t for Nebraska scoring 10 points in the last eight minutes of the 4th quarter against Michigan State – on the road – to get the cover and a 28-24 win.

Oh, and San Diego State won outright at Boise State, 21-19.

This lady might actually feel robbed that the ticket only paid $100k considering that guy in Canada hit a 15-teamer via the Packers/Seahawks replacement ref game for $725,000.

[HT: @RJinVegas]



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