The Ultimate Fighter 16 Gets Gay: “Let Me Bang Bro” [VIDEO]


The Ultimate Fighter 16 instantly came on our radar after this video. There is nothing like seeing two sweaty MMA bros consoling each other, while one drunkenly fights through tears repeating “let me bang bro”. MMA fighters have been known to be really emotional at times but this is something we’ve never seen before.

We didn’t see the episode, but Boxden user LVuittonDon4EVA sheds some light on this sad, awkward video:

The two dudes are drunk and the reason the pink Mohawk dude is yelling let me bang is because he was eliminated from the competition weeks ago, so he’s salty he’s away from friends and fam just to watch these other niccas get their shot.

Makes sense. After some digging it appears that pink mohawk bro is Julian Lane and the other guy is Michael Hill. The Ultimate Fighter 16 finale will be held in Las Vegas on December 15. Neither Lane nor Hill is on the card so if you tune in, don’t expect to see any gems like this.

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