Girls Of The Pac-12: Song Girls Visit USC Tailgate [60 PHOTOS]

Oregon rolled in to Los Angeles this weekend and showed the country why they deserve a shot at the National Championship. If 730 yards of offense and 62 points on the road isn’t enough to convince you…well you’re an idiot. An Oregon-Alabama title game would be our dream scenario. That Oregon offense going head to head with the Bama defense is college football gold.

For USC, one thing is for certain. They still dominate the game with their chicks. The infamous Song Girls made an appearance at some tailgates on Saturday and almost made us rethink our decision to go to LSU. Those white dresses still do something for us.

P.S. Gotta love creepy old guy, front and center snapping pics of the Song Girls. You know he’s gonna be bragging to all his bros at the office how great his weekend was.

Have a Girl of the Pac-12 photo we need to see? We’re all ears. Were you tailgating over the weekend and saw some Pac-12 chicks ripping shots? We want to see.

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Girls Of The Pac-12: Vol. 1

Girls Of The Pac-12: Vol. 2

Girls Of The Pac-12: Vol. 3

Girls Of The Pac-12: Vol. 4

Girls Of The Pac-12: Vol. 5

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