We Survived Death Valley On A Saturday Night [Morning Twitpic]

It was our first visit to Baton Rouge on a Saturday night and it just happened to coincide with #1 Alabama coming to town with LSU’s 22-game home winning streak on the line.

LSU might have lost the game, but the people, the school and the atmosphere was overwhelming in a good way. It’s almost too good to be true for outsiders. LSU fans don’t realize how great they are. More on that later when we start dropping the photos.

That said, Alabama is your first team in the BCS championship game. No way A&M beats them. Auburn is Auburn and Georgia will get plowed in the SEC title game. Saban will clean up the pass defense and a repeat of Zach Mettenberger’s performance won’t happen again.

Now it’s onto New Orleans as this trip to the bayou winds down with an NFL Sunday in the French Quarter.

As for your NY Post covers this morning, the Brooklyn Nets get the sports cover – for now.


As for ESPN interns dicking around, look at this gem sent to us by¬†@mattstalter. That’s it, intern, your ass is looking for another job.