Girls Of The Pac-12: Arizona Chicks Tailgate With Cold Rolling Rocks [50 PHOTOS]


Every tailgate at Arizona is it’s own little slice of heaven. Perfect weather, hot girls and cold beers make Tuscon a destination in the Fall. This past weekend was ever more special because the Wildcats were hosting the #9 USC Trojans. Despite a massive day by WR Marquise Lee (16 catches, 345 yards, 2 TDs), the Wildcats held on for a 36-33 win.

Honestly, who cares about the game when you have tailgate parties like this. These girls probably didn’t even know who Arizona was playing but didn’t let that little fact ruin their good time Saturday morning.

You know what’s the worst part about this picture? Is it the fact that the girls overpaid for Rolling Rock instead of sticking with Natty Light? Nope. It’s the bros in the background more focused on their lame game of beer pong than these three girls. Typical Arizona bros.

Have a Girl of the Pac-12 photo we need to see? We’re all ears. Were you tailgating over the weekend and saw some Pac-12 chicks pounding beers? We want to see.

Girls Of The Pac-12: Vol. 1

Girls Of The Pac-12: Vol. 2

Girls Of The Pac-12: Vol. 3

Girls Of The Pac-12: Vol. 4

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