Did LSU QB Zach Mettenberger Leave This F-Bomb Tip For A Waiter?


There is a Twitter account, @L8278, that won’t stop tweeting this Zachary Mettenberger receipt to various media outlets involved in Saturday’s LSU-Alabama game. Is that the LSU QB’s autograph? It really looks like it, according to what we’ve found on eBay.

But is that Mettenberger’s f-bomb for the waiter? Kinda looks like the same handwriting as the signature. But we’re not experts. I’m currently on a plane to New Orleans and a car ride away from Baton Rouge for the game so this one is presented without a death wish.

Maybe the waiter was a douche and deserved the f-bomb. Maybe he wrote it in and thought it would be hilarious to tweet it out like 35 times to ESPN. Who really knows.

Hell yes we’re hoping this is real. Are you kidding? This guy needs to show some nuts before this huge Bama game.

Mettenberger autograph example:


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