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Paulina Gretzky In Katy Perry Halloween Costume [PHOTOS]

Our cohorts at COED broke the news earlier in the week that Paulina Gretkzy was turning heads at Halloween parties as a sexy cop. If you thought she was done celebrating Halloween you better think again. Late last night photos began surfacing of Paulina partying in a Katy Perry costume. What we ended up with was a sort of Katy Perry-Paulina Gretzky mash-up…and it was as sexy as it sounds.

Leave it to Paulina to somehow make a Katy Perry costume even sluttier than normal. Not that we’re complaining…because we’re not, but the fact that she somehow made the already racy Katy Perry look even sluttier is just another example of Paulina’s magic.

Is this her sexiest outfit yet? Maybe. Are we drooling with anticipation at what she wears to tonight’s Halloween festivities? You bet your ass.

[Images via Paulina Gretzky Instagram]

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