LeBron’s 219 Diamond NBA Championship Ring; 2011 Mavs Ring Had 250! [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

The Heat received their rings last night, blah, blah, blah. 219 diamonds? That’s it? Weak. For such a flashy bunch we really expected more. Of course LeBron is Tweeting and Instagram-ing pics all night. Of course LeBron got his fiancé a matching championship ring. Its no wonder why people are always hating on him when he pulls a stunt like that.

Oh, and don’t forget the photo he posted of his ring conveniently placed on his Porsche steering wheel for the whole world to see.

As for the ring itself, the thing has 219 diamonds and Jostens is currently selling replicas for $3,200. According to BallerStatus.com:

The rings are made of 14K white and yellow gold, boast 219 diamonds (46 custom princess cut) totaling 10.8 carats, three custom onyx stones, and weighs in at 115 grams.

They continue:

The top features the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy in 14-karat yellow gold, featuring one round, half carat brilliant cut diamond set in the basketball of the trophy, while the Heat logo is set atop the trophy with 31 round brilliant cut diamonds.

All this sounds impressive and gaudy…until you look back to last season. The Mavericks championship ring contained 250 diamonds (31 more than the Heat’s ring)! How can LeBron, Pat Riley and Mickey Arison let that happen? How can they let Mark Cuban and the Mavs trump them just a year after losing to them in the Finals? It’s almost laughable. This is a total flop by the Heat and solidifies Cuban’s baller status.

[Images via Instagram]