The Greg Oden Ass Tattoo: Sacramento Kings Fan Loses Bet! [PHOTO]

Sacramento Kings fan Zach S. is a man of his word. He made some sort of a bet with a friend and went under the needle last night to pay up with a giant smiling Greg Oden photo tattooed to his ass. Yes, Greg Oden’s smiling mug is permanently on Zach’s ass.

I was just making my normal Greg Oden rounds and this is what I find.

Zach tweets:

I can’t sleeping knowing what is going to happen to me tomorrow…. what has my life come to.

I’ve never had my pants down this long in a room full of dudes.

No one can ever tell me to man up, I just pulled the ultimate man up.

Ointment be sticking to my shorts….

We’re still efforting information from Zach, but it looks like there was some sort of Portland vs. Sacramento 2011-12 better record bet. Those numbers represent the final records for both teams.

Zach should actually be commended for being a man of his word, sticking with a horrible Kings franchise and actually tweeting a photo of his new ass tat.

My man, that ass is about to go viral.

UPDATE: It seems Zach thinks his employer would fire him for getting a Greg Oden Ass Tat so he doesn’t want his face or name used. That said, Zach uploaded this photo to Twitter on Tuesday night and sent it to ESPN’s Bill Simmons and former Ohio State walk-on Mark Titus, a Grantland writer.

Zach was proud of the tattoo, then suddenly he wasn’t, which led to him making his Twitter account private and threaten us with lawyers.

The moral of this story is that if you lose an NBA bet and get an Greg Oden ass tattoo, either be proud of it or don’t upload and promote it on Twitter.