49ers Jeff Spicoli Bro Adam Ripley Is Back & Wearing Pink! [Morning Twitpic]


It’s good to see Spicoli still has a job with the 49ers. There he was during last night’s San Francisco 24-3 victory working the sidelines with his slick pink wristbands. You might remember Jeff (real name Adam Ripley) from the 2011 playoffs when his mustache made its TV debut. He’s actually a 49ers equipment manager.

Adam actually embraces his bro character via @thebro49.

As for your NY Post covers this morning, I’m very disappointed this is the best the front page guys could come up with:

And, finally, we make a stop in San Francisco to watch a Giants fan celebrate a World Series as a guy should celebrate a World Series victory. If this was in Philly you’d never hear the end of it. Once again, the morons from San Francisco/Oakland destroy shit and don’t become public enemies.

Philly fan should be outraged.


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