Greg Oden Hits Rock Bottom: Wearing Phantom Of The Opera Costume At OSU Bar

The sad saga of Greg Oden just keeps getting more impossible not to watch for us. It’s not that we want to see the former #1 overall draft pick fail at life. We don’t. He’s actually a treasure. He’s a mystery. Oden doesn’t seem to hang with an entourage. He’s mostly pictured quietly going about his bar life by himself.

It’s just so damn rare for a 21st century athlete – even if he’s washed up.

Take Saturday night at Brothers bar in Columbus. It was Halloween night. Not one to miss out on such a fun night, Oden went as the Phantom of the Opera.

Quite an anomaly for a modern athlete.

Even with the odd Halloween costume choice, Greg seemed to be in a good mood. That’s the thing about this guy, he seems to be sulking, but it’s really his party face.

As you can see here, Greg looks like he was enjoying the cheap bombs. Again, that could be his shitfaced look, or it could just be his just getting started face. Hard to really tell with this guy. His drinking poker face is insane.


And, finally, the worst rock bottom photo of Oden we’ve seen all year. So sad.

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