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Erin Andrews Is Amazed By David Ortiz’s Statue Of Liberty Hurricane Photo!

Guess she’s never seen The Day After Tomorrow. It’s all good, though, Pageviews came back strong with, “Ahahaha..on a plane looking at all these it..thx,” after being called out by the Twitter police.

Now that she’s in on the joke, there are all sorts of LOLs flying from her account.

now i’m crying from laughing so hard…thanks guys. RT @robisc69: @ErinAndrews it’s worse than you think

As for those of you who are worried about the NYC resident sideline reporter, she evacuated to higher ground.

Lived in Fla all my life, never had to be evacuated..Move to NYC, & now I to spend the wk with my parents & puppies..stay safe NY!


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