ESPN Fired Another Intern: Louisville Isn’t Bowl Eligible? [Morning Twitpic]


Know how to troll Louisville fans? Say their football team isn’t bowl eligible on ESPN when the highlight should be on Ohio State. Now that’s funny, ESPN intern. Enjoy trying to get a job at a Fox Detroit with this on your resume. Dick.

[HT: ‏@jsbuttram]

What did we learn last night? Notre Dame’s defense is really, really good. Landry Jones had plenty of weapons that would normally destroy the Irish. Not this year. You can’t run on them and they’ll just let you get into 3rd and 5 all day long.

Here’s Brian Bosworth before the game with some old friends. He’s actually on Twitter so go follow – @GotBoz44

And finally, here are your NY Post covers. Helluva morning for the headline writers.

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