32 Best Photos Of Stephy C – Playboy Model & Bears Superfan


Week in and week out BC brings you the hottest and most knowledgeable football fans out there. We’re taking on Playboy model Stephy C this week’s edition of Pick ‘Em Vs. A Hot Chick and this Chicago Bears superfan might be the sexiest girl we’ve featured yet.

She is not shy about her allegiances to any and all Chicago teams and shares her passion via some of the sexiest Twitpics we’ve ever seen. She almost turned us into Bears fans…almost.

Here’s the rundown on this Midwestern hottie:

  • Born in Evanston, Illinois
  • Purdue graduate
  • Measurements: 32C-24-37
  • According to Stephy: “I also like my butt. It’s shrunk a little since last year – working on that  – but it is still round and nicely shaped.”
  • Female celebrity crush: Eva Mendes

For a full interview with Stephy C, head over to The Smoking Jacket. Don’t forget to check back here on Sunday to see our match-up with her in this week’s edition of NFL Pick ‘Em vs. A Hot Chick.

@JustStephyC   |   Stephy C. Tumblr

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