How About The Balls On This Lady! S.F. Giants Fan Snags Pablo Sandoval HR, Arrested [Cuff ‘Em]


We keep preaching to you guys that the World Series might be boring TV when compared to NFL football games, but some of the best stories come from baseball maniacs. Take this chick, Dawn Price. She was all smiles yesterday even after being arrested for snagging one of Pablo Sandoval’s home runs.

Read this. Please. (She hid the ball down her pants.)

Giants fan Dawn Price told CBS 5 she was sitting in the outfield bleachers when Sandoval hit his third home run of the night during the fifth inning of Game 1. As the ball went over, Price claims she fell over the bleachers into an area behind the center field fence.

“When I tried to get the ball, I went down over the railing,” Price said.

Price put the ball in her pants and attempted to climb up the fence to her seat. She was hauled off by AT&T Park security and arrested for trespassing.

According to the fuzz, the baseball was confiscated, but will always be stained because it was pressed against Price’s “region.”

No word on if the balls will go to the hall of fame. The bat, however, will be going to the hall and Sandoval added “Kung Fu Panda” to his autograph.

[CBS San Francisco]


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