Even Mississippi State Strip Clubs Jumping On Bulldogs Bandwagon [PHOTO]


Kudos to @ToxeyNEILLHaas for stopping last night and snapping this photo of the appropriate sign outside The Pony – The Ultimate Strip Joint in Starkville, Mississippi. It’s a huge week for the Bulldogs. According to USA Today, it is the first time since October 1942 that the two schools have faced off when both were unbeaten.

That means now is the perfect time to advertise your support of Dan Mullen’s team and get some strip club visitors. The Pony gets 3.5 stars (out of 5) on The Ultimate Strip Club List, so plan your trip accordingly.

Says one recent reviewer:

Once again I decided to take that 15 minute trip from starkville to 45 Alt to visit that little pink building better known as the pony. Used my free pass to get in but of course had to pay the 8 dollar two drink minimum which isnt a problem for me because its boring as shit not drinking in a strip club. While there, there were alot of new girls I have never seen before but ran across my old friend, Whitney, so I took her for one of those 30 VIP dances and she did not disappoint so if you’re there and she’s there make sure you get a VIP dance from here. While continuing to scope out I ran across Kat again, and let me saw she will blow your mind with her dance.

The kick is 8:30 EST Saturday night. Get to the Pony early and get a prime chair. The place is gonna be packed.

[HT: Out Kick The Coverage]

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