Drunk Vikings Fan Pissed His Pants During Last Night’s Game [PHOTO]


Hats off to @TriggaMike63 for uploading what may be the fan photo of the year. What appears to be a middle-aged Vikings fan drank a few too many purple Miller Lite’s and pissed all over himself. Courteous move by the photographer for leaving this guys face out of the photo.

Would a 40-something ever live this photo down? What if it made its way to the workplace? Or even worse, his son or daughter’s school? Good luck ditching the label of the kid who’s dad pissed all over himself at a Vikes game.

Here is the tweet from @TriggaMike63, and with only two re-tweets this thing is as fresh as it gets on the internet. Enjoy this one Packers/Bears fans. Pass it around to all your bros and use it as ammunition against the annoying Vikings fan at work.

Making matters worse for piss-guy…the Vikings got stomped by the Bucs 36-17.

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