6’1″ Lingerie Football Wide Receiver Goes Into Stands For Pass, Drops Pink Ball [VIDEO]


There are approximately 10 items I’d like to address in this new video from the Lingerie Football League home office.

Let’s just focus on four key items:

(1.) Where did the Regina Rage find 6’1″ wide receiver Cydney Froelich? Are you kidding me? This chick is like the Gronk of the LFL. She’s bigger, more powerful and can’t be covered.

(2.) Since when did father’s bring their kids to LFL games and get Junior a third-row seat? Sure, parents take their sons to LFL games, but Junior is in one of those expensive season ticket seats. Helluva father.

(3.) It doesn’t appear that the Canadian bro who got trucked lost a single ounce of that draft. Amazing save.

(4.) When did the LFL get helmet cams? This league is amazing.

Sidenote: Saskatoon beat Regina, 35-33.

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