The Best GIFs of World Series Game One


First off – this couple is the easy winner of the Giants’ fans of the night, she is a hottie and he’s doing the Caddyshack gopher dance in an orange dyed fur coat

This young lady is a close second, according to Fox she’s a regular and shown on the screen at all Giants home games.

Not a highlight for the Tigers here, Delmon Young throws the ball into the ground and it ends up 20 feet wide of home plate.

After hitting 2 home runs in his first two appearances, Pablo Sandoval was swinging so hard he couldn’t hold the bat.

Speaking of Panda, he became only the 4th hitter to have 3 home runs in a World Series game, here’s all three connections, and the discount double check.

Finally, Jhonny Peralta did hit a 3 run homer in the top of the 9th, and Angel Pagan came thisclose to catching it.

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