46 Best Photos Of Sports Stars In Halloween Costumes


What gets us excited about Halloween this year? Tim Tebow going as Jerry Sandusky. It would be an instant hit only upstaged by Mark Sanchez going as Tim Tebow. Thanks to Instagram and real-time updating, the Halloween costume game has gone to the next level.

Pounding Jack Daniels while dressed as a prisoner? Yep, that’s how Jeremy Shockey does things. Was there an NHLer who dressed up as Jay-Z, even going the extra mile with blackface? Raffi Torres of the Phoenix Coyotes is guilty.

BC’s Halloween MVP’s last year have to be Jeff Gordon and Joe Flacco. Those bros just aren’t slowing down with age. A few guys we expect to make waves this year? Patrick Kane, Shaq (again), Aaron Rodgers and Greg Oden.

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