WAGs Of The 2012 World Series: Tigers Vs. Giants

What do we know about the 2012 World Series in the wives/girlfriend department? It’s a complete blowout. How can the San Francisco Giants roster of WAGs even compete with Kate Upton on the national scene? It’s impossible. But this is the time of the year when a WAG appears on Fox, the Internet goes nuts and she’s an instant star.

We get the feeling that could happen to Hunter Pence’s girlfriend, Savanna Sweetland. She’s sitting at 531 friends on Facebook, is blonde and has 9 followers on Twitter.

As for the Tigers secret weapon WAG, don’t miss Jose Valverde’s wife. Complete smokeshow.

(By the way, Tigers in 6.)

[Fox Sports World Series Coverage]

Giants WAGs To Watch:

Amber Seyer-Zito (Barry Zito) Savanna Sweetland (Hunter Pence), Windy Pagan (Angel Pagan), Kristin Posey (Buster Posey), Jalynne Dantzscher (Brandon Crawford)

Tigers WAGs To Watch:

Kate Upton (Justin Verlander), Kristina Avila (Alex Avila), Erica May (Max Scherzer), Priscilla Berry (Quintin Berry), Massiel Dotel (Octavio Dotel), Ana Sanchez (Anibal Sanchez), Christy Downs (Darin Downs), Molly Peralta (Jhonny Peralta), Chanel Fielder (Prince Fielder), Luisa Valverde (Jose Valverde)

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