NYC Rick’s Girls Rooting For S.F. Giants In World Series Because They’re Big Tippers!


Earlier today we got an interesting email from legendary New York City marketing genius Lonnie Hanover from Rick’s Cabaret NYC. He wanted to share some important World Series information that would normally fly under the radar. The NYC Rick’s girls are rooting for the San Francisco Giants for a very interesting reason.

Here is the official report from Rick’s HQ:

“I am heartbroken that the Yankees didn’t make it to the Series this year,” said 21 year old Amber, who dances at the famous Rick’s Cabaret gentlemen’s club in New York.

Rick’s Cabaret New York Girl Anaya agreed. “It’s so sad about the Yankees, they are our home town team.”

Both girls are rooting for the Giants over the Tigers, and for an interesting reason.

“During the season a bunch of Giants were here when they came to town to play the Mets, and they were great guys and big tippers!” explained Amber.

“Yes, the Giants are super nice and a lot of fun. They were very nice to me,” said Anaya.

“We are not allowed to reveal any names because we respect everyone’s privacy–but definitely the Giants know how to treat a girl–I’m supporting them and hope they become Champs,” said Amber.

Gotta love the honesty from these girls. The Giants were in town back in April and took three out of four games from the Mets. Even more interesting? The game on Sunday, April 22 was postponed…likely the day/night some Giants players spent a few hours enjoying all Rick’s Cabaret has to offer.

Which brings us to our next question: Who were the Giants players in attendance? The lock has to be Melky Cabrera. The guy spent five years in New York so he’s knows the deal. Others that come to mind are Brian Wilson, Sergio Romo and Guillermo Mota.

The World Series starts tonight as Justin Verlander takes on Barry Zito in San Francisco. First pitch is 8:07 p.m. (EST).

[Rick’s NYC Cabaret]

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