Mark Sanchez & Eva Longoria: The Break Up


Reports are coming in left and right that Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria have broken up. The couple was together for nearly five months, longer than any of us expected the affair to last. Props to Mark for pulling a cougar like that, but the 25-year-old quarterback living in New York has plenty of reasons to be single.

We immediately started thinking…did Sanchez dump her so he could go mingle with a new twenty-something every night? Was Sanchez too “focused” on football for a relationship? Was he not cutting it in the sack? Did Eva have her fill and was she ready to move onto her next jersey chasing escapade?

The answer? No idea.  According to the New York Post:

Actress Eva Longoria ended her romance with New York Jet Mark Sanchez last week, and the quarterback is devastated. One source told us, “Mark says he is really upset about the breakup with Eva. He is telling friends he tried everything he could to make her happy, and to make things work between them, but they live in very different worlds.”

Not sure we are siding with the Post here. Doesn’t seem to add up. CBS New York is reporting a different side of the story:

Apparently the former first-round pick isn’t taking the breakup to hard. The 25-year-old was seen ”flirting and dancing with some blond” at the Darby Downstairs nightclub on W. 14th St., according to the New York Daily News.

This angle seems far more likely. Sanchez didn’t seem to take it too hard after the split with Kate Upton, so why would he all of sudden act like a little baby after splitting with Longoria?

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