Girls Of The Pac-12: Cheap Vodka & Coors Light In Arizona [43 PHOTOS]


Looks like these Arizona hotties had a little fun in the sun before last weekends game against Washington. The party probably continued all day because the Wildcats stomped Washington 52-17 on UA’s family weekend. Mom and dad were probably proud to see their daughters serving up the finest liquor.

The plastic handle of Wolfschmidt vodka, the classic “Refreshe” soda and a few stray cans of Coors Light are the staples of a great pregame party.

Have a Girl of the Pac-12 photo we need to see? We’re all ears. Were you tailgating over the weekend and saw some Pac-12 chicks pounding beers? We want to see.

Girls Of The Pac-12: Vol. 1

Girls Of The Pac-12: Vol. 2

Girls Of The Pac-12: Vol. 3

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