Buy The Bulleit Whiskey Tailgating Trailer For $150,000 & Get Year Of Bourbon & Rye Booze!


How did I spend lunch this afternoon? Oh, just drinking some amazing whiskey from Bulleit, eating great food at some New York City restaurant and hearing about this crazy $150,000 tailgating trailer Bulleit is selling through the 2012 Neiman Marcus Christmas book. Yep, $150K for this trailer.

Look, you can get plenty of crazy tailgating rides for that kind of money. You can buy a huge RV, pimp it out with 60-inch LEDs and multiple grills.

But you won’t find as classy as this woody.

·         Sleek leather furnishings and details from Moore & Giles

·         Rich wood finishings from reclaimed Bulleit Bourbon casks

·         Elegant glassware

·         Flat-screen TV, Blu-ray Disc player and a state-of-the-art sound system

·         One-year supply of Bulleit Bourbon and Rye

Would we suggest taking this thing to a West Virginia football game? Nope. But you roll this thing into Ole Miss or LSU and you’ll be a hero.

Only two exist. Don’t wait.

[Buy the Bulleitt Bourbon Trailer – Neiman-Marcus]

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