Bobby Valentine Watching Giants-Cardinals Game 7 & Buying Beers At His Bar [PHOTOS]


You want to see how a pro handles being fired by the Boston Red Sox? Let’s observe Bobby Valentine in his element, his bar in Stamford, Connecticut during Giants-Cardinals Game 7. The guy gets fired and will collect $2.25 million for not working next year. The first thing he starts doing in public is buy beer for guys at his bar.

According to YES employee Joe Auriemma, Valentine was holding court Monday night and slamming drafts. @JoeAuriemmaYES reports:

Bobby V just bought the entire bar a round of drinks! Someone hire this man.

The place gets four spoons on UrbanSpoon, but just three stars on Yelp.

Says one Yelp reviewer:

Can’t even enjoy dinner in the back dinning room without hearing the loud drunk people in the bar curse and act reckless.  I had the buffalo chicken sandwich.. just 2 slices of bread with a bland piece of chicken slabbed with buffalo sauce, not good at all. & the sweet potato fries were way too greasy

No word if he was bad mouthing Dustin Pedroia. How many days until he’s working for ESPN? 100 or so?

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