Jerry Sandusky Halloween Costumes [PHOTOS]

Is there a bigger layup in the Halloween costume game this year than the Jerry Sandusky costume? Impossible. And here we figured there was no humor in child rape. Nope. If America has taught us anything this Halloween season, it’s evident you guys don’t think boys being sodomized in a locker room is off limits.

Look, we’ve always been a big fan of the Tim Tebow getting oral from the media Halloween costume.  Are we ready for faux little boys doing the same to a faux Jerry Sandusky? Nope.

In the meantime, American Halloween fans will be giddily perfecting their Sandusky costumes for plenty of gut-busting laughs from people who think child rape is horrible – until Halloween.

Are you proud of your Jerry Sandusky Halloween costume and think we need to see it? Did you pass out in your Sandusky costume and get violated by a big blackface prisoner Halloween costumed guy?

[via ‏@jdsauken]