Carlton Fisk Gets DUI At 7:20 PM In Illinois Cornfield [MUGSHOT]

Never would’ve guessed Carlton Fisk would be arrested at 7:20 p.m. on a Monday night in an Illinois cornfield for DUI. If someone would’ve said the hall of famer got a DUI at like 1 a.m. that would’ve been more realistic.

According to TMZ:

When police arrived, officers say they found Fisk behind the wheel of his F-150 — which had a flat tire — and he appeared to be fast asleep. We’re told cops also found an open vodka bottle in the vehicle.

At least he didn’t rap his truck around a pole. ZING!

You might remember back in 1987 when Fisk got into a war with White Sox manager Larry Himes over bringing beer into the clubhouse. How bad were things between Fisk & Himes? The Chicago Tribune reported that Himes requested that security search Fisk for beer.

Looks like Carlton’s run with the bottle ran out in that Illinois corn field.