Buy Reggie Jackson’s 1978 Rolls-Royce For $33,000; Only 32k Miles!

At a shockingly affordable price of $33,000 you can take home a Rolls Royce owned by Mr. October himself, Reggie Jackson. A well-known car enthusiast, its a wonder Jackson unloaded this beauty. His love of classic cars even brought him to owning a small chain of car dealerships throughout California.

For how much Reggie loves cars you know this thing has to be in pristine shape. With only 32k miles on it and not a visible scratch this might be the chick magnet you’ve been waiting for! At only $33,000 you’re hardly breaking the bank with this classic.

Only four days until the auction ends, and don’t hesitate to make a low-ball offer. The thing has zero bids so far.

  • Beautiful tan leather seats
  • Cassette player included
  • Only 32,423 miles! On a 34 year old car!
  • Price range of 1978 Corniche (via JamesList): High: $ 91,760, Low: $ 43,000, Median: $ 67,197

[Buy Reggie Jackson’s 1978 Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible – eBay]